Summer time in california✌️✌️

Snapchat me while I chill on my new comfy chair

( also beards would be appreciated)

(Also my username is moonwolves)

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How did you lose the weight?

Started hard core working out everyday completely changed my diet. I hardly eat out I haven’t drank soda in almost 3 years. No unnecessary sugars. Eating a more balanced diet, with better eating portions.

Have you lost weight?

I’ve lost close to 100 pounds

I live for lazy naked mornings

Fat ass cunt, nothing but a fucking loser, it's such a shame that people feed into this whole fat positivity thing you are obese and that is not ok

I am not obese, I was but not now I’ve worked so hard to love my body and to show others whether you are fat skinny chubby whatever it may be that you are beautiful and to not let losers like you get them down

Do people realize that you aren't pretty at all? Like they just pity you

I am beautiful. I believe it. I feel it. I live it, so it must be true

You're nothing but a fat piece of shit

I’m sorry that you feel the need to put others down. I sincerely hope you can find help for whatever problems you may have!

To all the haters out there that feel the need to still comment on my body, still can’t hear you cause I’m still being fabulous👋

You weren't born obese, you're just hurting yourself. 1/3 of Americans are overweight. It costs 549.5 billion of Americans tax money on medical costs. You shouldn't be proud of that! You're exposing a poor diet in public. Nobody is beautiful with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and many more. THIS is why your “curvy” body is screwing with the rest of us. Please stop projecting your insecurities onto the rest of us by saying we “fat shame”

Lol I eat healthy. Like really healthy and I work out everyday trying to lose weight. I use to be close to 300 pounds and now I’m about 184. So instead of being some bitch with statistics, why don’t you try having a heart and getting to know my life instead of trying to assume you know what’s going on